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So last week I was driving and I almost got hit by a semi-truck, there was a construction company by the name of Traffic Management Inc, and they were so unorganized! I couldn’t believe that!

I wrote this post because I believe it’s a right of us here in America to be safe and protected!


I found the best construction control business in the state of California.

City Rise Safety

Here is some information on them and why they could have helped prevented me from being hit by a semi.


Why choose City Rise Safety’s Flagging services?

Traffic control is met with many risks and it can put the lives of the control specialists in danger. This is where flagging services are used which direct cars and people to a direction away from a construction site or road project. Our traffic control and management services are commendable in terms of quality, professionalism and precision. Learn more about us and know why they should be your first choice.

  • Our professionals are proficient at flagging services

Flagging jobs need certain qualifications and relevant certification. Our flagging professionals are certified, qualified and experienced. They have the best knowledge about traffic control and management. Being trained for this, they can handle any level of traffic congestion or difficult situation with ease. Our on-site supervisor looks over the traffic operations and flagging activities.

  • They are punctual and friendly

They understand how important it is to be on time. As certified flaggers, our team takes this responsibility very seriously. Every step that they take is steered towards maintaining the safety and security of the area of work.

It is certainly not helpful if flagging professionals are rude or unfriendly to the public. Moreover, angry drivers are always a part of the pool. Our professionals know the best ways to deal with angry gestures and rude drivers. They are polite, friendly and can handle all kinds of people.

  • They handle traffic smoothly

Every road or construction project has its own set of criteria and requirements which must be studied carefully. When they make a control plan, they factor every detail into it to provide smooth traffic management.  Our plan also makes sure that people do not have to stay stuck in traffic. They have adapted the best practices with which they deliver excellent flagging services in every job site. Anticipating traffic movements and handling large volumes of traffic during different hours of the day are all a part of our job.

They provide valuable advice to make the general public aware of road safety. Besides flagging services, they provide resources and equipment that are needed for road safety and traffic control. Whether you need a construction sign, a board, or a traffic cone, check out the wide range of equipment they sell. If you have more questions, you can always give us a call or write an email. They promise to get back to you as soon as they can.

Hello and Welcome!

Hello and Welcome!

My name is Beatriz E. Little, but you can just call me Betty. I’ve had this website a long time but I used it for my hometown of Methow, Washington; But the newspaper came and told me they didn’t need me to write about anything any longer so I decided to start fresh on this website and start “blogging” I’m not 100% sure what that means, but I will try and do that. My Grandson who is sitting next to me says I am actually doing that right now! That’s great!

Well I’m glad I’m doing this haha! But do note, that if my website or “blog” (wow I need to get used the that!) looks funny, it’s just because I don’t know much about it, before when I was doing this, I would just write the articles and then email it to my friend Suzanne who worked at the newspaper, now it is all on me!

With this blog(wow) I’ll be talking about my grandkids, my past life as a mom, as well as different things like gadgets and knick knacks that I find, honestly anything!

Thank you and talk to you soon!